Tree of Life - Olympic National Park, Washington. [OC] [4624x3407]

I found a tree growing through speed limit sign.

This tree fell over and grew 4 more trees out of itself. from mildlyinteresting

The only tree that survived the tsunami in Japan between 70,000 trees. Today protected and restored. from pics

Life finds a way ...

A tree's root spill over the sidewalk from pics

Nature FTW

Tree roots extend across a gap to the mainland for nutrients from pics

A tree grows from third floor window from pics

This tree growing through a fence. from mildlyinteresting

This tree is growing out of another tree. from mildlyinteresting

Life,uh... Finds a way from pics

This tree grew out of the stump of a dead tree and then the stump rotted away from mildlyinteresting

My grandpa hung his skates on a small tree when he was younger. He forgot he had left them there and found them years later. from pics

My sister's tree is eating her fence